Tools for mindful leadership – Hannah Lea Dykast

workshop (90-150 min.)
conducting - managing - teaching
Thursday 14.00 hrs
Domplein 4

In this workshop you will explore your personal mindful leadership skills and experience how mindfulness can help you become a more self-aware human being, vocal leader, manager or teacher. Hannah Lea Dykast will help you increase your self-awareness and personal resilience, as the basis for mindful leadership is conscious self-leadership.

The workshop will be an exploration journey with insights and tools on how to practice mindfulness, develop your interpersonal skills and strengthen your resilience to become the leader you really want to be. Mindfulness helps you to recognise unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling and doing. Mindful leaders are aware of these patterns, their personal attitudes, values and motives, and know how to communicate them.

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About the session leader

Hannah Lea Dykast

Hannah Lea Dykast

Hannah Lea Dykast (Switzerland) is a creative force, a mindful leadership coach and organisational enabler, equipping individuals and organisations with ‘soft skills’ and cultural resilience.

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