Different venues in the city centre of Utrecht will be used for the event, all within shorting walking distance of each other. You can check this map to see which venues are used for the main programme.

Bibliotheek Neude (Library Neude)
Address: Neude 11, Utrecht
You will find the central registration desk of the event at the hall of the Bibliotheek Neude. This monumental building is located in one of the main squares of Utrecht, where you will also find other venues for several sessions like lectures, workshops and lounges. At the entrance to the library you will find publishers and stages for various performances. It is a lively space with several opportunities to meet and have a drink together.

Address: Vredenburgkade 11, Utrecht
One of the main concert venues is TivoliVredenburg, a unique venue that opened its doors in 2015. It houses five concert halls (for a total of 8500 visitors) that were designed by four separate architects. The venue is a hub for live music and entertainment, presenting every type of music imaginable, and focusing on the wide variety of wishes that its audiences (re)present.
With its five completely different halls and many other public meeting places, TivoliVredenburg is a not to be missed venue for Leading Voices 2022.

Academiegebouw (University Hall)
Address: Domplein 19, Utrecht
Next to the Dom tower you will find the Academiegebouw, one of the main locations of Utrecht University in the city centre. This beautiful building offers spaces for lectures and workshops. When visiting Utrecht, the Dom tower is a must-see, so you can easily take this touristic attraction off your list when visiting the Academiegebouw for Leading Voices.

ZIMIHC (pronounced as zimmick) is a non-profit organization that encourages local cultural development and participation in the arts. ZIMIHC offers different stages and rehearsal studios for all who wish to perform, practice or exhibit their artistic efforts. Leading Voices will use the three ZIMIHC theatres for different sessions. All venues are easy to reach either by foot or public transport from the city centre of Utrecht.

Theater Kikker (Theatre Kikker)
Address: Ganzenmarkt 14, Utrecht
On your way from the Bibliotheek Neude to the Academiegebouw you nearly pass Theater Kikker. Theater Kikker is a small theatre with mostly experimental performances in theatre and dance. You’ll find here two different venues.

Domplein 4 (Dom square 4)
Address: Domplein 4, Utrecht
You might remember this venue from the EUROPA CANTAT festival 2009? In this building opposite to the Academiegebouw, you will find several venues that offer space for workshops. This is also the venue for the masterclass conducting.

Address: Kanaalstraat 198, Utrecht
A little bit more out of the centre of Utrecht, only 15 minutes walking from the central train station, you will find Stadsklooster. This is a former church that is now turned into a thetare space. Several concerts and performances take place here. A great venue to experiment!


All venues are accessible to people in wheelchairs. Although the venues are easy to reach, you may need help getting from one venue to another. Please contact the organisation when you think you will need assistance. We’re happy to help you.