Utrecht Leading Voices


Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Leading Voices 2022 below. This page will be updated regularly.

Online access

If you registred for Leading Voices with a passe partout earlier, you also have access to the online platform: https://online.leadingvoices.nl/
Please go to the platform and click on the yellow button ‘let’s check in’ and then fill in your email address and the code you received earlier from our partner Let’s Get Digital. This code you also used for the Leading Voices app.
Sessions are on view until 31 October 2022.

What is Leading Voices?

Read more about the event here.

What is the difference between programme and side programme?

The (main) programme is designed for professionals in the choral sector from all over Europe and beyond like conductors, vocal leaders or managers. This is a full day programme to learn, get inspired and connect to professionals in the choral sector. For this, we recommend to buy a passe partout or a day ticket. You can find an overview of the (main) programme here.
The side programme is designed for amateur singers from Utrecht and the Netherlands. It gives you an opportunity to get to know some of the guests that are present in the main programme and learn from them. The side programme offers free sessions, paid ateliers in the morning and a choice of four paid workshops each afternoon. For this, we recommend to buy seperate tickets for the ateliers or workshops of your choice, or join one of the free sessions. You can find an overview of the side programme here.

Why did I not hear of this event before?

Leading Voices is a brand new event by the European Choral Association, based on input given by many conductors and vocal leaders in their network.

Why should I join?

Good question! Read here why you should not miss this event.

Where will Leading Voices take place?

Leading Voices uses multiple venues in the center of Utrecht (NL) for the sessions and concerts. You can check this map to see which venues exactly.

Can I travel with my choir to Utrecht in July 2022?

Yes, you can. If you want to travel to Utrecht, please contact our dedicated partner WENS travel. They can help you arrange both travel and accommodation. If you want to perform in Utrecht, you can discuss the opportunities with them as well. Please read their offer here.

I am a music teacher, what does Leading Voices offer me?

As a music teacher you can best filter the programme using the filter ‘music teacher’ or use the theme ‘unleash your potential as a teacher’ as a filter with the session leaders. If you’re not sure which days to attend, we recommend at the very least you attend on Saturday 30 July, when the programme will have a special focus on singing with children in and outside schools.

Can I only join as a professional?

The programme offers sessions on different levels and all different genres will be present. It is not necessary to have a professional training as a conductor. The will to learn and experience something new is enough.

Can my choir perform in Utrecht in July 2022?

Yes, limited timeslots are available for choirs to perform in the side programme. The side programme offers choir-to-choir concerts for choirs during lunch time and late afternoon. In this concept, two choirs perform in the same timeslot of one hour, each choir performing a concert of 20 minutes. You can apply for these concerts by filling in this form.

When will registration start?

Registration will start January 10th at 14.00 hrs. Please be aware that registrations for the full event have to take place before 1 May. After 1 May a place at the event cannot be guaranteed. Check this page to know more about registration.

What about accommodation?

Please check this page to know more about accommodation and check out this map to see where the advised hotels are located.
Apart from the offer we will refer to on this website, of course you can also check out one of the boutique hotels, AirBnB or a nice Bed&Breakfast in Utrecht.

What about meals?

Meals are not provided in the event. You can find plenty of restaurants and bars in different price ranges in Utrecht. At the central event desk a map of restaurants is available to help you choose your best option.

I am a singer, can I join?

Yes, we recommend you join the side programme as this is especially designed for choirs and individual singers. This programme is mainly for Dutch singers, but language will not always be a problem. Please check this page to know more about registration and tickets for the side programme.

I am a publisher / event organiser, can I join?

Yes, you can be part of the EXPO, a lively marketplace organised in the Central Library where participants will also find the central desk of the event. Read more about this here.

Can I book more than 1 stand at the expo?

Yes you can! Please check out our offer and fill in the form where you can choose the option you prefer.

How do I pay my registration fee?

You register by an automatic system or webshop that allows you to pay immediately. Please find out more about payment here.

I already bought a passe partout – how about online access?
A passe partout also includes online access – so if you have missed anything at the event that was streamed, you can watch this back until three months after the event. You will get an email with the inlog information a few days before the event on the email address you have registred with.

You register by an automatic system or webshop that allows you to pay immediately. Please find out more about payment here.

Is there a way to get a fund in order to pay the registration fee?

We’re not sure if your country offers funds like this. We encourage you to definitely check this option at your local authorities. People living in The Netherlands can check out Werktuig PPO. This organisation might help you with covering some expenses. Please contact their website for more information.

I am a member of the Friends of the European Choral Association, how do I register?

If you are a Friend of ECA you can already register. Just follow the steps and things will be fine.
If you want to become a member or want to know more about the Friends, please check their website.
As the Friends are currently in a transition, you might need to wait some time to get a confirmation. If you have any questions about the Friends, please contact ECA.

Why do I need to register for a LAB in advance?

As the number of participants for LAB’s is limited and a LAB mostly takes more than half a day in your schedule at Leading Voices, we want you to register in advance for a LAB. For some LAB’s we also might want you to come prepared, so it is needed to know who will attend.
Application for a LAB is taken in the order of registration – full is full.

Do I need to register for all sessions in advance?

No, you just need to register for the LAB’s. Only 3 sessions require an audition (1 LAB, 2 Masterclasses). All other sessions in the main programme can be registered for once you are in Utrecht.

I need help to select sessions, what should I do?

We know, Leading Voices has a lot to offer. Therefore we selected a strand of sessions related to your profession. You can find the first indication of the threads here, more details will follow. If you cannot wait, you can also use the filters that you can find on the overview of the programme to make your own selection.

Is Leading Voices a wheelchair friendly event?

All venues are accessible to people in wheelchairs. Although the venues are easy to reach, you may need help getting from one venue to another. Please contact the organisation when you think you will need assistance. We’re happy to help you.


If you to travel to Utrecht by car, please note that parking space in the city centre of Utrecht is very expensive (up to 45,- a day).
We advise you to drop off your stuff at the hotel and park the car at a P&R. This will cost you 6,- per day including the ride with public transport to or from the city centre. There are four of these locations situated around Utrecht, you can check two of them at Park & Ride | Arriving | Utrecht (inyourpocket.com)
If you prefer a parking garages in Utrecht, these can be find at Parkeerplattegrond (arcgis.com) On this map you can find white parts where parking is free and take regular public transport to the city centre.
Please not that if you drive an old car the red line on the map indicates the low emission zone: English | Milieuzones in Nederland

My question is not answerd on this page, what should I do?

If your question is related to registration, please contact us at registration@leadingvoices.nl.
If you have a different question, please contact us at info@leadingvoices.nl.
You can also reach us by whatsapp +31 (0)6 4595 2472