ZIMIHC (pronounced as zimmick) is a non-profit organization that encourages local cultural development and participation in the arts. They offer stages and rehearsal studios for all who wish to perform, practice or exhibit their artistic efforts. Everyone is welcome in their three theatres, whether you have 40 years of experience or you’re just starting out.

Band and theatre

Director Appie Alferink is a founding member of a band called ZIMIHC. Back in 1989, he found that the city of Utrecht did not offer many opportunities and venues for bands and other artists to rehearse or perform. To remedy this, he founded the very first ZIMIHC theatre in Wittevrouwen. Over the years, ZIMIHC expanded to become an organization with three theatres spread across the city, and has now been supporting and celebrating the amateur arts for over 30 years.
In 2009, ZIMIHC was one of the organisers of the Europa Cantat festival and organised the Eurochoir in 2017.
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