Group registration

As we hope that many organisations and individuals take the opportunity to (re)connect and strengthen their relations at Leading Voices, we encourage you to register and travel together.

To support group registrations with 8 people or more, we can offer you a 20% discount on the registration fee. We will also send you an invoice for this, so you do not have to pay the fee for the payment system of the registration.

Group registration in 9 steps

1. You gather a group of a minimum of 8 conductors that want to visit Leading Voices
2. You send an email to with the following information
– if you and (all of) your group members are (indirect)members of the European Choral Association
– your country of residence
– the number of members in your group
3. We will send you a special registration form by email that indicates the applicable fee per member.
4. As soon as you have received the form, you can ask the members of the group to fill it in and send it back to you. In the form, people can also indicate if they want to join a LAB or any other session that requires pre registration.
5. Once you have collected all the forms, you mail them to Please do not forward them, but gather all the forms in one mail and send them in once to avoid mistakes.
6. The registration officer will make one excel out of the forms you have send. The officer will send you an invoice for the whole group, indicating the registration fee for each member and if applicable, the registration for the LAB’s (people can indicate this on the form).
7. You pay the invoice to Leading Voices and collect the money from the members of the group.
8. Once the payment is done, your registration is confirmed. You will receive a message about this by email.
9. Do not forget to book the flights and stay and remind your fellow group members to do this as well.

Please note the following
– registration fees and deadlines related to this, are still applicable
– the general terms and conditions are still applicable
– you do not need to pay any handling costs for a group registration
– you are yourself responsible for collecting the registration fees of the members of the group
– for sessions other then the LAB’s or the masterclasses, no pre-registration is needed
– group discount is only applicable for passe-partouts (not for day tickets, single concert tickets or tickets/registration sessions side programme)
– the organisation behind Leading Voices is not responsible for the agreements concerning payment, registration, travel or any other kind within the group. We only take care of the registration for the event and for sending an invoice to the party that registered the group. If the invoice is not paid within 2 weeks after sending, we cannot be held responsible for your registration. The leader of the group is responsible for a correct registration and payment.