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Day tickets

The registration fee for day tickets includes all sessions in the main programme, except the headline concerts in the evening, for ONE day only.
A day ticket can be bought for any day in the event but is recommended only for Thursday 28th July, Friday 29th July or Saturday 30th July. Individual tickets for concerts can be bought seperately via this link.

applicable for all registrations

  country groups      
1 2 3
  One day only (no concerts included),1 July – 31 July 2022 65  65 65

Please note that

– Registration fees are presented in Euros, per person.
– It is NOT possible to buy a day ticket for the side programme as each session in the side programme requires a seperate ticket. You can buy tickets for the side programme (dedicated to singers) via this link.
– For sessions in the main programme, the same registration is applicable as is in place for a passe partout: you can register at the event for individual workshops. For lectures, round tables and lounges registration is not requiered. For both LAB’s and masterclasses registration is only possible with a passe partout and needs to be done before 1 July 2022 latest.