The sound of your hands – Petra Grassi

workshop (90-150 min.)
Saturday 14.00 hrs
Bibliotheek Neude

In this practical workshop for conductors, you work with Petra Grassi on getting to know the potential of your gestures. How does breath, movement and the posture of your body create the choral sound? Join Petra to understand how you can shape sound with your gestures and how this affects the intonation and expression of the choir. Learn to be the music, instead of explaining the music.

Petra covers the start-to-finish of the choir practice, warming up the voice with targeted warm-up exercises, while focusing on the conductor’s posture, breath and how to channel the energy into singing. Through a selection of compositions, from Gregorian chant to contemporary music, you explore the pieces’ technical ideas to improve your conducting technique during rehearsals and concerts. Join the exploration! In this workshop, participants will be active both as singers and conductors.

About the session leader

Petra Grassi

Petra Grassi

Petra Grassi (Slovenia/Italy) graduated as a pianist and music teacher from the G. Tartini Conservatory in Trieste. Afterwards, she specialized in conducting and composition at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and the F.A. Bonporti Conservatory in Trento, graduating cum laude under the tutelage of Lorenzo Donati.

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