Social inclusion through singing together – Sanna Salminen

also online
lecture (60 min.)
conducting - teaching
Thursday 11.00hrs

Singing together is one of the most effective tools for enhancing social inclusion through a sense of belonging, well-being, self-expression, agency – the list continues. How can a choir conductor consciously make the pedagogical choices that foster social inclusion between the singers? What are the dynamics behind this process? And how do you strive for a high artistic level together, combined with the goal of social inclusion?

PhD Sanna Salminen is a children’s choir conductor, researcher, teacher and educator, who has sought answers to these questions in her research and in her practical work with Vox Aurea, one of the top children’s choirs in Finland. During this lecture, Sanna will open up both the theoretical background and the pedagogical practices – the ‘why’s and ways’. Vulnerabilities that come with being a conductor will be openly present, according to autoethnographic research traditions.

About the session leader

Sanna Salminen

Sanna Salminen

PhD Sanna Salminen (Finland) is a choir conductor, university teacher and researcher in the Department of Teacher Education at Jyväskylä University in Finland. She plays the viola and the medieval fiddle, but her main interest is developing music pedagogy and especially the pedagogy used in choirs.

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