Singing for your life: empowering cancer patients – Cora Honing

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lecture (60 min.)
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Thursday 9.30hrs
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‘Kanker in Beeld’ is a non-governmental organisation in the Netherlands, promoting creative expression in psychosocial cancer care. Apart from theater groups, workshops focusing on painting, sculptures or writing, the organization initiates, stimulates, facilitates and supports a network of 30 ‘Singing for your life’-choirs.

In this lecture, psychologist and president of Kanker in Beeld Cora Honing speaks about their work, and tells you the ins and outs of the unique choir network they are successfully operating. In ‘Singing for your life’-choirs, participants experience an atmosphere of freedom and friendship in a non-medical environment. Without speaking about the limitations of the disease, they feel a mutual understanding about their stage in life. (Former) patients and their relatives are welcome to participate in these choirs, and singing experience is not required. The aim of the choirs is to enhance the quality of life of the participants, stimulating their wellbeing by focusing on their abilities regardless of the distress of the disease.

About the session leader

Cora Honing

Cora Honing

Cora Honing (The Netherlands) is president of the Kanker in Beeld organization. As a psychologist, Cora has had decades of experience in psychosocial cancer care.

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