Cora Honing

Connect your work to society
lecture (60 min.)

Cora Honing (The Netherlands) is president of Kanker in Beeld, a non-profit, non-governmental umbrella organization that promotes creative expression as part of psychosocial cancer care. A network of 30 ‘Singing for your life’-choirs, made up of (former) cancer patients and their relatives, is part of this organization. As a psychologist, Cora has had decades of experience in psychosocial cancer care. For a long time she was employed at the Dutch Cancer Society, where she worked as an information officer, manager of psychosocial services and international relations officer. 

Cora has also been active internationally, as president of the European Organisation of Cancer Leagues. where she had the opportunity to contribute to a better quality of life for cancer patients at the European level. As a board member of the Dutch Society for Psychosocial Oncology, she focused on psychosocial support as part of medical cancer care.