Social cohesion through singing – Roula Abou Baker

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lecture (60 min.)
conducting - managing - teaching
Saturday 9.30hrs
Bibliotheek Neude

According to the EU, Lebanon is the country with the highest refugee-ratio in the world. It is also known as a multi-cultural and religious country with many different denominations. This situation, as much as it is considered enriching for the society, occasionally causes unrest in the community.

The Fayha Choir, after becoming famous for gathering young singers representing Lebanese people with different backgrounds, started transferring its experience to psycho-social projects all around the country. Many projects have been implemented in coordination with national and international NGOs, to achieve social cohesion and build peace for local citizens through collective singing. This includes children, youth, women, Palestinian and Syrian refugees and other target groups. For these projects, the Fayha Choir won the International Music Council Five Music Rights Award in 2015.

In this lecture, Roula Abou Baker, manager of the Fayha choir will tell you all about the plans and ambitions of the organisation, as well as the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

About the session leader

Roula Abou Baker

Roula Abou Baker

Roula Abou Baker (Lebanon) is a singer and manager of the Fayha Choir from Lebanon. She is vice-president of the International Music Council, Board member of the International Federation for Choral Music and member of the Arab Choral Network.

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