Singing beyond borders – Hayat Chaoui

workshop (90-150 min.)
conducting - teaching
Friday 9.30hrs
Domplein 4

As the human voice is common to all of mankind, it is the easiest and almost barrier-free way to musical expression in a heterogeneous group. By singing together, inclusion and integration happens on all sides. When people of different cultural backgrounds, ages and milieus start singing in each other’s languages, open-mindedness, interest and respect are conveyed, and trust as well as a mutually welcoming atmosphere are experienced. 

In this workshop, singer and music pedagogue Hayat Chaoui shows easy methods to teach “foreign” languages, rhythms and melodies to (amateur) singing groups that have had little or no classical music education. 

Within a short time, groups will be able to sing even polyphonic songs in completely foreign languages. These skills are easy to learn and to implement in any singing group.

About the session leader

Hayat Chaoui

Hayat Chaoui

Hayat Chaoui (Germany) first studied languages at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz before taking up vocal studies with Prof. Barbara Schlick at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Cologne. She completed her studies in vocal pedagogy, artistic education and concert exams.

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