Kinaesthetic gestures – Amy Bebbington

workshop (90-150 min.)
conducting - teaching
Friday 9.30hrs
Domplein 4

During her decades as a choral conductor, Amy has specialized in expressive leadership. In her work with choirs and choral leaders, Amy teaches what are called kinaesthetic gestures: a tool to get your choir to do what you want through movement. Drawing on the teaching principles established by Kodaly and Dalcroze, the technique focuses on your gestures as a conductor and the effects they have on a group. In this workshop, Amy teaches you the basic principles of this elusive skill. Let your body and senses work together, to reflect and improve the sound of your choirs. Discover your own movement palette to take your conducting to the next level!

About the session leader

Amy Bebbington

Amy Bebbington

Amy is a passionate advocate for choral singing and choral conductor training. She is sought-after for her dynamic and engaging teaching style, and her wealth of choral pedagogical experience.

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