Hannah Lea Dykast

Discover your inner leader
workshop (90-150 min.)

Hannah Lea Dykast (Switzerland) is a creative force, a mindful leadership coach and organisational enabler, equipping individuals and organisations with ‘soft skills’ and cultural resilience. In 2008 she moved to New York City to follow her creative passion and explore new tools for emotional communication at the renowned Parsons School of Design | The New School. Hannah Lea cares about interpersonal connections in a world full of technology, and has devoted her professional life to empower people to navigate change with courageous heart-sets. Through practicing empathic design thinking and doing, mindfulness and meditation on an international scale for more than a decade, she continuously evolved her personal skill palette with various Master and Associate Leadership degrees along the way. Today Hannah Lea is based in Switzerland. She is CEO of Kraftpol, experimenting with her unique creativity-based methods which enable empathic leadership and healthy, thriving environments.

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