Train your mindful Self-Compassion – Hannah Lea Dykast

workshop (90-150 min.)
conducting - managing - teaching
Saturday 14.00 hrs
Domplein 4

In this workshop, Hannah Lea Dykast will take you into the theoretical basics of the evidence-based meditation training “Mindful Self Compassion”. With practical exercises, you will be able to sharpen your view of your own limits and needs, as well as compassion for yourself in order to recognise those personal needs. Because only if your own ‘well is filled’, you are able to give space to your fellow musicians, colleagues and students in a present and resource-oriented way.

These days we are not only facing challenging situations on a societal level, but also individually, as cultural shapers touching humans through art and music. Multi-facetted expectations, wide spread competition, race of motivation, search for community support, battle with discouragement and energy maintenance are more present than ever. A mindful approach to one’s own self-compassion and resilience is therefore an absolute must for any leader. This serves not only to prevent burnout of the individual, it also forms the basis for the sustainable development of a professional attitude in the cultural field.

Note: Please wear comfortable clothes to the workshop.

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About the session leader

Hannah Lea Dykast

Hannah Lea Dykast

Hannah Lea Dykast (Switzerland) is a creative force, a mindful leadership coach and organisational enabler, equipping individuals and organisations with ‘soft skills’ and cultural resilience.

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