A shared road to success – Jenni Reineke

workshop (90-150 min.)
conducting - managing
Thursday 9.30hrs
Bibliotheek Neude
Why we do what we do

Time is a rare commodity in today’s life. Choir projects for both amateur and professional singers take time, and are therefore often based on highly efficient approaches with little room for important, non-musical aspects. This sometimes leads to a mismatch within a group, or between the group and the organizing team: different levels of engagement of the singers, arguing about musical results, a lack of identification with the ensemble’s vision or misleading messaging on the mission of a choir.

Besides a strong focus on musical excellence, making sure that all people involved share a common ground is a priceless non-musical practice. It leads to motivated singers, a high degree of engagement with the organization and overall higher quality. Sometimes this develops naturally, but just as often, it doesn’t. In this workshop you work with mezzo soprano and leadership coach Jenni Reineke to make this a conscious practice. For Jenni, it is the process of discovering common values together that has a certain magic to it: finding the right words for an emotion, answering important questions, leading up to a shared mission statement for your ensemble that is carried by musicians and staff members alike.

About the session leader

Jenni Reineke

Jenni Reineke

The German mezzo soprano, educator and leadership coach Jenni Reineke aims to connect the perspectives of singer and conductor, seeing situations from both sides.

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