Managing professional singers – Majella Hollywood

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lecture (60 min.)
Friday 9.30hrs
Bibliotheek Neude

Running a professional choir smoothly is no easy feat. Apart from the business side, there is also a group of professional singers to manage. More often than not this comes with balancing between the worlds of employment and freelance careers, and working around your singers’ other professional commitments both nationally and internationally.

What do you need to take into account when managing professionals, and in what ways do they differ from non-professional singers?  In this lecture, Majella Hollywood will provide you with the answers.  She has seen both the amateur and the professional world as manager of the National Youth Choir of Northern Ireland and now Executive Director of the professional Chamber Choir Ireland.

About the session leader

Majella Hollywood

Majella Hollywood

Majella Hollywood is CEO of Chamber Choir Ireland, and has been for the past decade. The ensemble has developed a strong reputation for creative commissioning, recording and programming and is a member of Tenso, the European network for professional chamber choirs.

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