Quality time management – Josep Vila i Casañas

also online
lecture (60 min.)
conducting - managing
Saturday 9.30hrs
How do we organise, create and use quality time?

Of all the parameters that govern our lives, time is one of the most abstract, intangible and mysterious. The way we deal with time and time management has immediate consequences. Not only on the artistic side of our job as choral leaders, but also on the human experience of our singers. In this lecture, acclaimed conductor Josep Vila i Casañas shares some of his thoughts and strategies concerning quality time management. Among other subjects, he will talk about his experience in managing rehearsal schedules, long-term choral projects and concert programs.

About the session leader

Josep Vila i Casañas

Josep Vila i Casañas

Conductor, composer and pedagogue, Josep Vila i Casañas (Spain) specializes in the a cappella repertoire, as well as choral and orchestral literature down the ages.

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