Creating partnerships – Bart Doorneweert

also online
lecture (60 min.)
Thursday 9.30hrs
Bibliotheek Neude
Composing new business models

Building lasting partnerships is a delicate process. It needs extensive conversations, finding a shared foundation between partners and developing a fitting shape for your collaboration. Bart Doorneweert is a business developer and lecturer at Wageningen University.  In this interactive lecture, he speaks about  business model innovation and explains the creative process behind new business models. The focus in this session is the Partnership Canvas, a subtool of the Business Model Canvas that Bart has developed. The Partnership Canvas is a tool that helps you to co-design
partnership models, where all partners – despite their differences – have a shared understanding and buy-in for the value you create together

You can bring your own questions, issues and projects to discuss during this session. To do this, you can fill out this form to give Bart more information.

Apart from this kick-off session, Bart Doorneweert will also host several activation clinics at the Leading Voices EXPO in the Library at the Neude The lecture is both a first possibility to get to know Bart as well as an invitation for participants to sign up for the Activation Clinics on the following day.

About the session leader

Bart Doorneweert

Bart Doorneweert

Bart Doorneweert is a lecturer at Wageningen University on business model innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is also business developer at Slow Cabins, a company that offers an escape from hectic urban life to secluded, comfortable cabins located in Europe’s prime natural and cultural heritage sites.

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