Bart Doorneweert

Learn new management tricks

Bart Doorneweert is a lecturer at Wageningen University on business model innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is also business developer at Slow Cabins, a company that offers an escape from hectic urban life to secluded, comfortable cabins located in Europe’s prime natural and cultural heritage sites. Before his current work, Bart was a researcher on technology adoption in rural markets based in emerging economies, and co-founder of Zameen Organic: the first farmer-owned cotton trading and marketing company that supported sustainable procurement ambitions of brands like Nike, Adidas, H&M, and Bugaboo.
Bart is specialised in the Partnership Canvas, a subtool of the Business Model Canvas. The Partnership Canvas is a tool that helps you to co-design partnership models where all partners – despite their differences – have a shared understanding and buy-in for the value they create together.