Adaptive cruise-control management – Bernhard Heß

also online
lecture (60 min.)
conducting - managing
Saturday 11.00hrs

In times of crisis, adaptation is key. It can be difficult to adapt to new situations quickly, especially if you want to be in control at the same time. In this lecture Bernard Heß, managing director of the professional RIAS Kammerchor, will speak about how the pandemic and other crises changed the artistic work of his organization. He shares his ideas on the future of his choir and how he manages to stay in control in uncertain times: leveraging opportunities to leave a crisis stronger than when you enter.

About the session leader

Bernhard Heß

Bernhard Heß

Bernhard Heß (Germany) studied Music and Education at the conservatories of Mainz and Berlin, and is the managing director of the RIAS Kammerchor, one of the founding members of the Tenso network for professional choirs in Europe.

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