Listen to be heard – Jenni Reineke

workshop (90-150 min.)
conducting - managing
Friday 9.30hrs
Domplein 4

Times are a’changing, and our opinion on the role and ideal work process of conductors are changing accordingly. Strictly hierarchical structures, which have been the status quo for hundreds of years, are called into question: modern leadership should rather be about mutual respect, awareness and open communication. In this workshop, we dive into the strategies a 21st-century conductor or vocal leader can employ when interacting with their singers, during and surrounding rehearsals and concerts. How can you, as a choral leader, stimulate an inspiring working environment where singers and conductors naturally strive to the same goal? How do you access all the resources a choir has to offer?

About this session leader

Jenni Reineke

Jenni Reineke

The German mezzo soprano, educator and leadership coach Jenni Reineke aims to connect the perspectives of singer and conductor, seeing situations from both sides.

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