Introduction to the Viewpoints Method – Ria Samartzi

workshop (90-150 min.)
conducting - teaching
Saturday 14.00 hrs
Domplein 4

Expanding awareness, connection and presence

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kristin Scheinhütte was unable to host this workshop. It will be covered by her close colleague Ria Samartzi.

Do we listen with just our ears? And do we see only through our eyes?

Through theViewpoints practice we learn to see and listen with our entire being: expanding our awareness of our bodies and the people and space around us. Using movement, awareness-training and improvisation techniques, we open our senses to what is already there, awakening playfulness, imagination and listening on a deeper level.

Originated by choreographer Mary Overlie, the Six Viewpoints is a study that establishes and expands the base of performance by inquiring into the vocabulary of the basic materials that are found in the creation of all art. Theatre director Anne Bogart and the SITI Company, specifically developed a version of the Viewpoints into a common vocabulary accessible to singers, actors, musicians, directors and ensembles of all kinds. This is a great tool for ensemble-building, strengthening connections within a group and training curiosity and presence, as well as creating physical material for choral performances.

Examining the component materials of performance (Shape, Space, Time, Emotion, Movement and Story) is a way to develop a stronger sense for our surroundings and the current moment. In this workshop, we will take time to embody some of these materials and work on them individually as well as in group sessions.

NOTE: Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes that you can move in.

About the session leader

Ria Samartzi

Ria Samartzi

Ria Samartzi is a UK based director and dramaturg from Greece. Her work is centred around movement, dramaturgy  and collaborative practice with a focus on developing new work, including new writing, devising, translation and adaptation.

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