Sinta Wullur

Develop your artistic skills
workshop (90-150 min.)

Composer, singer and pianist Sinta Wullur (Indonesia/ The Netherlands) grew up with classical piano music. Her mother was a pianist who taught many students from their home in Bandung. At ten years old, the family moved to the Netherlands. Sinta studied piano and composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Ton de Leeuw and The Hague with Louis Andriessen and Theo Loevendie. Her interest in the Indonesian gamelan was piqued here, and after a musical study tour to Bali, she started writing music for gamelan, meanwhile founding multiple gamelan groups.

To integrate the bronze sounds of the gamelan into her music practice, Sinta took the initiative to build a chromatic gamelan, for which she has written many works that combine influences and instruments from east and west. This has led her to give concerts all over the globe. In 2002, Sinta was named the ‘national composer’ of the Netherlands, a revolving honorary title.
In her own Music Academy, Sinta teaches a wide range of musical styles: from classical piano to Indian raga, from composition to gamelan and gong playing and traditional Javanese singing.

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