Anna-Maria Hefele

Overtone singing for beginners – Anna-Maria Hefele

workshop (90-150 min.)
composing - conducting - teaching
Thursday 9.30hrs
Creating sounds from beyond

Overtone singing is a fascinating vocal technique where it seems like one person is singing two notes at the same time. This happens by filtering and amplifying the harmonics that are contained in the sound of the human voice. Join renowned overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele in this workshop, to learn to amplify your own harmonics through specific and precise modulations of the tongue and vocal tract. 

Overtone singing is often used in choral music to evoke unique musical colors or soundscapes. It also functions as an educational tool for singers, choral conductors and voice teachers. Being able to hear and control the harmonics in the voice refines a singer‘s audio perception regarding timbre and vowel color, and improves blending and intonation in any vocal ensemble.

This workshop is specifically meant for those who do not yet have much experience with overtone singing. Anna-Maria hosts another, more technical, workshop on Friday morning on a more advanced level.

About the session leader

Anna-Maria Hefele

Anna-Maria Hefele

Anna-Maria Hefele (Germany) holds a Master of Arts (MA) from the Mozarteum Salzburg and is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and overtone singer. She performs worldwide as a soloist with various ensembles, choirs and orchestras. She is also frequently invited for contemporary ballet, circus and dance theater productions

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