Voice and gender identity – Sven Keet

also online
lecture (60 min.)
conducting - teaching
Saturday 11.00hrs
Bibliotheek Neude

Over the last decade, the Transgender and non-binary community has grown a lot. And many of them sing! However there is not a lot of knowledge/research available about how the process of transitioning can affect the (singing) voice. This is problematic for transgender and non-binary singers that want to keep singing the best they can, with a voice that fits their gender identity. And it’s problematic as well for conductors and singing teachers that lack the tools to guide these singers. In this lecture, young conductor Sven Keet talks about the challenges and solutions that rise with these issues.

Sven is FTM (female to male) and went into transition at age 23. He has been on testosterone for 3 years. His voice drop from mezzo soprano to tenor went smoothly, with the help of speech therapy and singing lessons. Sven wants all people who wish to transition, aren’t held back for fear of what it will do to their voice. He wants everybody to feel welcome in a choir, regardless of their gender identity, and guide other conductors and singing teachers in how to make this possible. During this session, Sven touches on the many issues and possibilities that affect the FTM (female to male) and MTF (male to female) singing voice during transition, and also speaks about how to guide those singers with practical singing exercises. Also, the evenly important social aspect of having transgender and/or non-binary singers in your choir will be discussed.

About the session leader

Sven Keet is a conductor, arranger, singer and beatboxer based in Amsterdam. His absolute favorite way of making music is by using the voice! During his bachelor studies to become a music teacher at the conservatory of Amsterdam, Sven discovered his love for conducting and arranging for choirs and he decided to make this his main job

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