Sven Keet

Connect your work to society
lecture (60 min.)

Sven Keet is a conductor, arranger, singer and beatboxer based in Amsterdam. His absolute favorite way of making music is by using the voice! During his bachelor studies to become a music teacher at the conservatory of Amsterdam, Sven discovered his love for conducting and arranging for choirs and he decided to make this his main job. He is the conductor of the Vocal Groups Playground, which he founded in 2018, and SONAR. He is frequently asked by other choirs and vocal groups for coachings, workshops and arrangements. As a singer, he’s part of the MAZE vocal group and various other projects. He has several transgender singing students and provides workshops on this topic for other singing teachers, speech therapists and conductors. This Summer, Sven will graduate from the master Innovative Choir Leading at the conservatory of Aalborg.

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