Vocal Journey – mixing musical styles – Sinta Wullur

workshop (90-150 min.)
Saturday 14.00 hrs
Domplein 4

The mixing of musical styles is nothing new, but sometimes you find connections within music that are less well known than others. In this workshop, you will work together with composer, singer and vocal teacher Sinta Wullur, to discover a whole range of sounds and colours that come with various traditional musical styles from India and Indonesia. Sinta has decades of experience with both Indonesian gamelan music and Indian raga improvisations, and often uses these musical styles in her compositions.

In the workshop, you join Sinta on a ‘vocal journey’, discovering similarities and differences in, among others, extended techniques like creating soundscapes or body clapping or the traditional rhythmical Balinese Monkey Chant (kecak dance) and Indian raga improvisations. Singing is the most accessible tool to realise this. Together with Sinta, you map out aspects of these styles that you can use to come to an authentic musical result, when combining them with ‘classical’ western conventions.

This workshop is connected to a lecture by Sinta Wullur on traditional music techniques. In the lecture, Sinta explains more on the technical and historical aspects of these styles, as well as demonstrating how she uses them in her work. It is possible to join only one of these sessions.

About the session leader

Sinta Wullur

Sinta Wullur

Composer, singer and pianist Sinta Wullur (Indonesia/ The Netherlands) grew up with classical piano music. Sinta studied piano and composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Ton de Leeuw and The Hague with Louis Andriessen and Theo Loevendie.

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