Choral life in the Arab region – Roula Abou Baker

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lecture (60 min.)
conducting - managing
Friday 9.30hrs

Although the Arab music culture is very old and has a rich history, choir singing remains a new culture form in Arab societies. For a long time, it was limited to church choirs and sometimes Islamic groups with monodic music. Nowadays, we can notice many new a capella choirs created in Arab countries, inspired among others by the Lebanese Fayha Choir, that succeeded to put Arab music on the world choral map.

In this lecture, Roula Abou Baker, a member of the Arab Choral Network and manager of the Fayha Choir, speaks about choral life in the Arab region. Join her to discover choirs from different Arab countries, their repertoire, and their conductors, and learn more about the Arab Choral Network in the process – who knows, you might walk away with new connections to choral colleagues from the Arab region!

About the session leader

Roula Abou Baker

Roula Abou Baker

Roula Abou Baker (Lebanon) is a singer and manager of the Fayha Choir from Lebanon. She is vice-president of the International Music Council, Board member of the International Federation for Choral Music and member of the Arab Choral Network.

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