Makam 2.0 – Onur Türkmen

also online
lecture (60 min.)
Saturday 9.30hrs
Bibliotheek Neude

The makam is an ancient musical concept that uses figures in unique sonority patterns to convey sentiments. In this lecture Onur Türkmen will explain the basics of the makam and how they function in traditional vocal music. He will show how the fundamentals of Makam can be incorporated into western compositions. Onur is one of the leading composers that combines this ancient technique with contemporary vocal music.

About this session leader

Onur Türkmen

Onur Türkmen

Onur Türkmen is a Turkish composer who studied composition at Berklee College of Music and İstanbul Technical University’s MIAM with Pieter Snapper and İlhan Usmanbaş.

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