The EU Copyright Directive explained – Maarten Walraven

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lecture (60 min.)
composing - managing
Thursday 11.00hrs
Bibliotheek Neude

Is a stream a sale or a broadcast?


The EU adopted a new collective management rights directive in 2014 which aims to ‘improve the online licensing of music across the EU.’ This directive became enforceable only in 2016 and member states started implementing it around 2018/19. While this has taken some time, one of the effects of the directive is the option to establish an independent management entity (IME). Where does this leave the traditional collective management organizations? And what is the impact on those of us ‘on the ground’? In this lecture, experience expert Maarten Walraven aims to answer these questions and provide a high-level overview of the state of music licensing in our increasingly global music market.

About the session leader

Maarten Walraven

Maarten Walraven

Maarten Walraven has a PhD in History and works at the intersection of music and media. He enjoys pushing artists and their teams to experiment with new technologies and opportunities for community building.

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