headline concert
composing - conducting - managing - teaching
Saturday 21.30hrs

The closing concert of Leading Voices is a celebration of the most powerful instrument – the human voice – is presented in five musical scenes mixing styles, genres, co-creation, improvisation and participation.
In this grand finale, all five dimensions of the programme are incorporated: Lab, Learn, Literature, Let’s Meet and Live into one unique and unifying concert experience with the aim to spark hope and inspire vocal leadership for the future.
This is VoyAGES of HUMANity.

List of repertoire

Concert design

Astrid Vang Pedersen - artistic concept

Astrid Vang Pedersen - artistic concept

The artistic concept of the closing concert will be designed by Astrid Vang Pedersen.

Jim Daus Hjernøe - musical concept

Jim Daus Hjernøe - musical concept

Jim Daus Hjernøe is professor of Rhythmic Choir Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark (RAMA).


About tickets

The closing concert is included in the registration fee of the passe partout.
Single tickets of the concert can be bought from 2 June 2022 via this dedicated link. It is also possible to by a combi ticket for both the concert by Kamēr… Youth Choir and the closing concert.