The Concert Design concept – Astrid Vang Pedersen

also online
lecture (60 min.)
conducting - managing
Thursday 15.30hrs
Bibliotheek Neude

Creating magical vocal worlds 

How do you create a captivating staging of your choir performance? In this lecture, concert designer PhD Astrid Vang-Pedersen helps you reflect on the question by introducing The Concert Design Concept. It is a conceptual and practical approach to designing embodied, aesthetic and communicative choral music performances, developed by Astrid herself through her doctoral research and practice.

The Concert Design Concept provides methods to reflect on the concert situation as an event and tools for singers to expand their skills as performers. In the lecture, The Concert Design Concept will be introduced and illustrated, providing insight into the craft of designing choral performances through thoughtful choices regarding visual, embodied and communicative elements. The presentation will end with a Q & A session.

About the session leader

Astrid Vang Pedersen

Astrid Vang Pedersen

Astrid Vang-Pedersen (Denmark) is a choral conductor and concert designer. She has developed a specific method on staging choral performance, called Concert Design, and finished her thesis on the subject in 2018, a project created in collaboration with The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Roskilde University, Denmark.

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