workshop Jim Daus

DJIMDJAM: exploring instant choir music – Jim Daus Hjernøe

conducting - teaching
Thursday 9.30hrs
Theater Kikker

The DjimDjam LAB is a fun and creative place for practice, observation, and testing. In this LAB, professor Jim Daus Hjernøe will experiment and mix ingredients from seven existing ways of making instant music with choirs. He will also include elements from other art forms to stimulate, challenge and expand the current recipes for improvisational choral artworks.

Together, we will explore new ways of making instant music, supported by a group of experienced vocal artists without boundaries. Parts of the DjimDjam LAB outcome may appear in the closing concert on Saturday.

Visiting this LAB as a passive participant is possible, in the morning between 11.00-12.00 hrs. You can also experience the results of this LAB at the final presentation, Thursday 28 July, 17.00 hrs in Theater Kikker-Grote Zaal.

How a LAB differs from a regular workshop

A LAB differs from a regular workshop for choral conductors. A LAB is not about following a leader, but about creating content together: both the session leaders and participants operate on an equal level to get the best result possible. Or fail together. Are you up to this?

Special needs for this LAB

Please note that at the moment it is not longer possible to register for this LAB, as it is already full. Once in Utrecht, you can check at the festival desk if there is still a possibility to join, but we cannot guarantee this. We’re very sorry for this.
You need to register for this LAB in advance, during the regular registration process. Applications for this LAB will be taken in the order of registration, as the number of participants is limited to 20. Participants must be experienced singers, able to keep their own voice part in pitch and rhythm.

Schedule for this LAB

This LAB takes place on Thursday 28th July from 9.30 – 12.00 hrs and from 14.00 – 17.00 hrs. The presentation of the LAB is scheduled  between 17.00 – 18.30 hrs. As a participant you are unable to visit any other sessions during this day.

About the session leader

Jim Daus Hjernøe

Jim Daus Hjernøe

Jim Daus Hjernøe (Denmark) is professor of Rhythmic Choir Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark (RAMA). Jim heads the RAMA Vocal Centre, which is recognized internationally as the leading European centre for rhythmic choir conducting education.

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