Teenagers in the lead – Rohan Poldervaart

workshop (90-150 min.)
conducting - teaching
Thursday 9.30hrs
Domplein 4

Vocal Leadership inspires choir leaders to let singers be co-responsible in the musical process. Developed at RAMA Vocal Center in Denmark, this style of working with choirs is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Rohan Poldervaart gives this workshop on Vocal Leadership in High School: How do you translate the unique methods for adults into a way of working with teenagers in a school environment? He introduces the method of Vocal Leadership and shares his translation for teenagers – you will walk out with tips and tricks on how to put your students the lead in singing together and creating new sounds and songs.

About the session leader

Rohan Poldervaart

Rohan Poldervaart

Rohan started his career as a choir conductor in 2004. He is currently working as the artistic director at Vocal Statements, a company that supports music education in high schools.

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