workshop Santi Serratosa

Body percussion in the classroom – the SSM method – Santi Serratosa

workshop (90-150 min.)
Saturday 9.30hrs
Domplein 4

For Santi, the whole body is an instrument. In this workshop, you work together to explore his SSM body percussion method. The highly structured method uses a practical approach to music and rhythmic body language, developing coordination, concentration, social integration and creativity in the participants – which makes the method very suitable for classroom situations.

The method aims to strengthen various ways of learning, including peer-to-peer and team work. Music and rhythm are used as the language with which to create, feel and express yourself, in a playful and social learning experience. Join body percussion specialist and music therapist Santi Serratosa to experience the SSM body percussion method yourself!

About the session leader

Santi Serratosa

Santi Serratosa

Santi Serratosa (Spain) is a professor in body percussion, teaching workshops and courses all over the world with his own methodology (the SSM Method).

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