Boštjan Usenik

Learn new management tricks
lecture (60 min.)

Choral manager and journalist Boštjan Usenik (Slovenia) was one of the driving forces behind what is now the vocal orchestra phenomenon Perpetuum Jazzile. During his years as president, and later general manager, of the ensemble, he oversaw the production of more than a dozen CD’s, DVD’s and vinyl albums, as well as collaborations with partners like the UEFA, Disney and Renault.

“Think globally, act locally” is Boštjan’s motto, and he enjoys connecting the right dots to create masterpieces. For Perpetuum Jazzile, this meant sold-out concerts in over 20 countries world-wide, building a unique reputation for a vocal group of this size. The critically-acclaimed vocal orchestra is popular for its powerful (beatboxing) rhythms, rich harmonies, unparalleled creativity, and special blend of pop, jazz, gospel, blues, disco, funk and bossa nova.