Collection Upon The Chant – Koen Vits

also online
reading session (60 min.)
composing - conducting - teaching
Saturday 14.00 hrs
Bibliotheek Neude

The beautiful Gregorian melodies of the most important liturgical moments of the year were provided with a challenging arrangement for mixed voices by Erik Van Nevel, artistic director of Currende. He gave them a new polyphonic and polychrome look, in an eclectic style with respect for the old keys and the original meter. The music is not experimental and there is no compelling desire for originality, but of course, how could it be otherwise, it has very diverse influences. Their melodic and rhythmic form has been meticulously preserved. These arrangements have already been recorded on CD and performed in concert, and are now also available as a score from Euprint in the Upon the Chant series.

About the session leader

Koen Vits

Koen Vits

Currently, Koen Vits is conducting five choirs: Mannenkoor Terpander, Mixed Choir Tourdion and the Leuven Alumni Choir, and the choirs of the Academy Region Tienen. In the past, he was also conductor of the Leuven University Choir and the young ladies’ choir Arion, among others.