Preparing your choir for another conductor – David Lawrence

also online
lecture (60 min.)
Saturday 15.30hrs

Chorus master or conductor?

In this lecture, David talks about the joy he finds in preparing a choir for someone else to conduct, sharing his thoughts on musical and rehearsal preparation for this specific goal. What are the crucial and important things to remember? Where does your work as chorus master end? He discusses and demonstrates how his preparation for a guest conductor – for instance in the case of oratorio’s or symphonies – differs from his preparation when conducting the performance himself, as well as the differences in working with another management, library, and of course, another conductor.

About the session leader

David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence (United Kingdom) is widely regarded as one of the most versatile conductors in the UK, working with orchestras, symphony choruses, and choirs and ensembles of all genres. He was nominated for a Gramophone Award for his conducting, and has recently been awarded a prestigious ARAM by the Royal Academy of Music

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