workshop Merzi Rajala

Improvisational inspiration from percussive elements – Merzi Rajala

workshop (90-150 min.)
composing - conducting - teaching
Thursday 14.00 hrs
Domplein 4

With her years of experience and research, Merzi Rajala uses different improvisational methods to create ‘music in the moment’. Join Merzi in this rhythmical workshop and experience how percussive elements can be a rich basis for musical improvisation.

Where do you start? How do you create balance between rhythm and music? And how do you develop new directions in your improvisation that are satisfying and challenging for your work or your students? Challenge yourself to find new grooves and adapt on the spot, picking musical ideas from what you hear in the moment and create your own improvised music.

About the session leader

Merzi Rajala

Merzi Rajala

Merzi Rajala, a Finnish rhythmic choir conducting pioneer, composer and pedagogue, is specialised in popular music including world music genres and fusions.