Neil Wallace

Connect your work to society - Develop your artistic skills
roundtable (60 min.)

Neil Wallace is Scottish and is the artistic director of Haarlem’s The Big Sing. Before moving to the Netherlands, he was CEO of Cardiff’s Chapter Arts Centre and deputy director of Glasgow 1990, the city’s Cultural Capital of Europe programme. Wallace opened and programmed Cardiff’s ground-breaking Tramway venue. He created Offshore Cultural Projects, before being appointed director of the municipal concert hall and theatre in Haarlem. In 2007, Wallace co-designed a Masters Degree in music programming for the ArtEZ Conservatory, holding the post of Associate Professor until 2013. He is married to the Dutch-American composer Vanessa Lann and has just co-founded Pilgrim Harbour, a new festival in Delfshaven, Rotterdam to mark the 400th anniversary of the departure of the Founding Fathers to America in 1620.

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