Bill Hare

Develop your artistic skills
lecture (60 min.)

Bill is the world’s most awarded individual Contemporary A Cappella producer, including over 70 appearances on BOCA, over 100 CARA nominations, over 40 albums in the RARB “Picks of the Year” lists, and 13 “DeeBee” awards. In 2011, Bill received a personal Grammy Award for his work on Christopher Tin’s “Calling All Dawns”, with the album taking a second Grammy as well. Bill has been a full-time recording engineer/producer for over 30 years, and has specialized in Contemporary A Cappella production since 1989. Since then, Bill has recorded and mixed acclaimed albums for some of the best-known Contemporary A Cappella groups around the globe, such as The Swingles, Pentatonix, ONAIR, Maybebop, Voces8, Vocal Line, The King’s Singers and many more. Termed the “Dr. Dre of a cappella recording” in Mickey Rapkin’s book “Pitch Perfect”, Bill has radically revamped the way in which recording a cappella music is done through cutting-edge techniques, with a penchant for experimentation and an unparalleled attention to detail.

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