workshop Anders Edenroth

Improving your arrangements – Anders Edenroth

workshop (90-150 min.)
composing - conducting
Thursday 14.00 hrs
Bibliotheek Neude

After a short introduction about the way Anders Edenroth deals with compositions and arranging, the participants in this workshop can work with him on scores they bring. Anders will share his tips and tricks when dealing with these scores and will give feedback and suggest improvements. This workshop is meant for those who are more advanced in arranging and composing.

Please make sure you bring a score you want to discuss during this workshop.  

About the session leader

Anders Edenroth (Sweden) is one of the founders of The Real Group. He has written and published many original songs, often for The Real Group, as well as arrangements of well-known standards for other vocal groups, big bands, symphony orchestras and stage shows. He is constantly searching for new vocal textures and the integration of vocal percussion and rhythmic effects.

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